When I was a kid our cockatiels traveled back and forth across the country with us (in a mini van with 3 kids, my mom, 3 dogs, 2 iguanas, a rabbit, and the cockatiel collection). We tent camped at night. They did great. I’m sure an RV would be even easier.


Don’t apologize for your English ????


Absolutely but be cautious about local wildlife. They can be snatched off your shoulder or attacked in an outdoor cage by local wildlife and camping pets. I love birds. Used to have cockatiels but because allergic to them so I had to find them a home. I’ve seen Amazons out camping and I’ve heard conures.


You can travel with just about anything. The limiting factor is just how much consideration you want to put into it. But birds would probably be pretty good companions while traveling.


I watch a Youtuber who lived in an RV with a little bird and he did just fine. Same type of bird you have. I believe she turned her shower into a little aviary for him as well! I’d say it would be fine as long as you took the proper precautions.

And your English is just fine!


Can it fly?


Sweet baby, she’s adorable. Absolutely but be careful about copper heating, gas stoves/ovens in campers etc. (Not sure if any RVs use copper in their heating systems or not but houses do, so idk, would check just to be safe)

Planning on travelling with my quakers in a couple months, update us on how she does!!

Source: hey all, this is my first Post in this subRedit. I have a question, can i travel with my cockatiel? I haven’t found much information about it on the internet. I love her, and I don’t want to travel without her. ( sorry for my bad English, i am studying )

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