Here’s our most epic RV factory tour yet and the details of our new partnership with Leisure Travel Vans –

Our Most Epic RV Factory Tour Yet! – RV Lifestyle

We journeyed up to Winkler, Manitoba, Canada to get a Leisure Travel Vans tour from Dean Corrigal and ended up driving out of there in a brand new 2019 – The RV lifestyle

  • Really enjoyed the tour and your “afterglow” One of those might just be my next RV!
  • Enjoying your tours and this one was great. How is starting those diesel Fords and Sprinters at -20F? We have a gas Transit B+/C and love it. Look forward to future installments.
  • Nice video, a little too long, yet you never covered one of the key concerns between a Class B and B+. That being the quality, rigidity and durability of a custom made fiberglass body. In my opinion they need to beef up their technolgy. A 1000w inverter? Whats the point, doesn’t run anything, not even the microwave! And a gas absorption refrigerator? Step up to a compressor, you have agm batteries and solar! And they should offer the Truma combi, maybe they do, just didn’t see that in the video. Overall I had higher expectations, considering the price point.
  • Nice to see someone being an ambassador for Leisure Travel Vans. Maybe, with all the feedback, LTV will bump up some of their specs. But totally appreciate Deans’ response to why they offer what they do, though.

    Also, glad you changed your name… for the longest time, I thought Roadtrek was the only brand you’d consider, and everything reviewed was (my thinking) compared to that RT standard.

  • Just wondering . . . what is happening at Roadtrek?? Lots of rumors.
  • Went to the Salt Lake City RV show and couldn’t find you. Are you still going to the RV show in Salt Lake City ?
  • Bob Burdan …and I have followed you for a long time. Had not purchased a class b because the timing was wrong. When things changed, I started researching on my own the other makers. Decided Leisure would warrant checking out, ..the next day is when you started mentioning Leisure. Today we traveled to see the Wonder RTB and Unity MB…. then tonight watched the videos. Great job
    I hope y’all come to Texas for a show.
  • Your video and decision to try this out is quite timely for us. We value your experience with a true aka “small” class B van compared to the LTV which is just a bit wider and more RV-looking (less stealthy when boondocking in some places). We will so appreciate your feedback. LTV has always seemed to us to be a step above the rest in quality. Who doesn’t love Dean’s enthusiasm. Thanks for sharing!
  • I was hoping you would get a Class B+ when you said you were looking at new RVs. I am excited to hear about your experiences in one.
    I wanted a Class B, but after checking them out at various RV shows, my wife and I found they are too small. Mainly, not enough width.
  • We own the Mercedes Unity with a queen bed and love it. I’m interested to hear what you think of the Ford Chassis? Happy travels ????
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