Need to know if I could possibly heat this up with a torch to seal or if there is anything I could use to seal it. Or the steps I need to take in order to replace it


Remove and replace if you want it to look right… other comments if you don’t care about looks

Edit:looks not leaks


Replace the fixture.


The way we fix leaks in metal pipes is JB Weld. Works very well. Goto Walmart and buy the JB Weld Original, NOT the JB Quick. JB Kwik , the kwik dry stuff doesn’t work well for plumbing. Drill the hole out a little larger with a small drill bit and debur it with some sand paper, whatever and mix the JB Weld and apply it. Wait 24 hours. I have never had JB Weld fail even one time on metal plumbing and also use it on gas tanks. Just make sure you use the original and wait 24 hours and sand the item first to “rough it up” so it sticks well. This will not be a pretty repair, but works.


Kitchen faucets are not expensive. Look for the nicer ones made to go in double wides. They often have the same plumbing fittings as the rv ones and they won’t break the bank.


There’s cheap and then there’s the stuff they build rvs with


An alternative JB Weld, though even worse looking, is Flex Seal tape or similar. Personally, I’d replace the faucet. Your mileage probably varies based on this post.


Brush some clear silicone over it, let it dry completely.

Source: [Help] how do I go about fixing this? Steps to fix will be appreciated thanks!

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