zryder94: 15 passenger van with a 5 person camper! I love it!

mgsbigdog: I want it! We have 5 kids. No other vehicle can reasonably tow the required weight while having available seating. Most 7+ passenger SUVs top out between 5,000-7,500 lbs or cost $70,000+ dollars. A >$40,000 van has all the seating and tows more (GCWR and GVWR being obvious limiting factors). My hope is by next fall to have a similar set up with sightly more sleeping capacity.

InfiniteBarnacle9: Neat! We are one or two more evenings away from finishing my Express TV build too. Will post end of April when I pick up the trailer.

barbarino: Been to 40 states with a 12 passenger van and a 24 foot camper like yours. Back before the cell phone was even a thing and your maps you got from AAA that you had to fold each page over every 50 miles or so. Griswald style! Yes the van struggled back then going up the Grand Canyon, I guess back then the carbs didn’t adjust correctly? Either way, awesome stuff. If you got kids hit up the Red Coconut in Fort Myers, they tow your rig right out onto the sand if you can reserve a spot, your kids will love it.

moburkes: Beautiful set up!

Ihatetheinternet22: Dream setup ???? van would be my rolling garage for dirt bikes and the TT for living. Would much prefer this over my current reverse of class c for living and trailer for bike.

Edit: just realized you’re the guy that had the sweet old school Ford. As much as I still miss seeing your old van I’m envious of your new rig, and can’t wait to see more!

rockum: I have a Chevy Express 2500. I’m struggling with figuring out how to hook it up to the trailer. I bought the magnetic sticks to put on the hitch and receiver but the door frame blocks the center view and so they are useless. Do you have any tips?

EDIT: I’m alone, so no spotter.

Source: Got the new tow van squared away!

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