You can’t buy a $5k piece of junk and have no skills or budget for conversion and expect to live out your influencer dreams.


LOL. A close family member who watched Nomadland thinks van life will solve their financial woes. I just shake my head at the notion. This person doesn’t have the fortitude to deal with all the compromises of it


She purchased a van that wasn’t even converted. I think having access to a toilet & Shower would make the world of difference if you are planning on living in a van/RV/TT


If I weren’t able to do the $1000s of maintenance and repairs myself, we wouldn’t be able to do it. And still, it is indeed glorified homelessness in that we wish to control our lives and not be tied to a forever job.


Well yeah, basically all the “influencers” who do the van life thing have rich parents.


When someone does it because its a trend and not a call, this will be the result


Full timing, whether in a Class A or a tent (or in this case a van) requires a lot of research and prep work. I know when my wife and I started, we started out in the onlly RV we ever owned. We thought we’d do just fine in it, and for the most part we did, but we did find it difficult and soon found out all the things that weren’t working for us.

We could have stopped then, but didn’t want to go back to “sticks n bricks” living. So we upgraded to a new to us fifth wheel for 3 years.

We’re now in a Class A and still loving the RV Lifestyle. We had to move into a condo for the past couple years for health purposes, but next spring we plan on selling everything again and going mobile again.

In our almost 10 years of lliving this lifestyle we’ve seen people come and go. Usually it comes down to a couple things: Lack of preparation and unrealistic expectations.

Source: Glorified Homelessness

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