Probably a very common issue and solution but just figured I’d ask on here. Attached is a picture of my freezer door over the last few weeks. I tried turning it off and letting it thaw but it came back after a week or so


You have a door gasket that is not sealing properly . This allows room air (which contains humidity) to hit the cold surface , causing the formation of ice . These are not frost free , but this is an abnormally fast accumulation .


turn the thermostat down. mine goes up to 5 i keep it at 2 usually.


That comes with the territory, I’m afraid. These units are not frost free.

Defrost it when it becomes unmanageable, just turn it off and leave the door open with a fan on it. It’ll get wet real quick so be prepared to bail!


The door seal isn’t sealing. Good way to tell is to close a dollar bill in it and if you can slide the bill out easily then that’s the issue

Source: Freezer icing up

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