Nice! I have traveled in one of these. Very solid rig. Love it. The below are some things I have noticed particular to this unit. (Not bad necessarily just be aware)

Hold the slide button down for 10 seconds after sliding in so the motors find their home position. That way it will slide more evenly.

You will want a sway bar since she is high in the wind.

If the bathroom starts to stink, it is water getting into the gap between the plastic layers of the toilet. Call domestic and have them give you the next step up porcelain one or a new plastic one. The next step up one is a bit of a jerry rig install… but it won’t stink again. This one doesn’t affect everyone, but those who it does get it multiple times usually.

The tires are a high load range thing that you can only get from the manufacturer easily so always carry at least one spare.

I don’t recommend putting a lot of weight in her storage on the slide.


Harriet! Sweet Harriet!


You, being very quiet in your camper: –

Cops, standing next to your camper: “Where did they go?!?”


Good looking combo, get a sway distribution hitch to get your trucks ass up.


She’s a beaute




Nice set up! Did you consider a weight distribution / anti sway hitch? That close to the rear axle must increase tongue weight & looks like it’s sinking your trucks rear end for a trailer that should be well below the tow limit of that truck. They’re a lot nicer to tow with too.

Source: Finally picked up our first camper! Keystone Hideout 176BH. Her name is “Harriet the Hideout”

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