The simplest way to deal with these is just to unscrew the cover and vacuum out occasionally. Then you vacuum in each direction of the line a little bit, so it pulls dust/debris out in each direction.


I cut the magnetic floor register covers from Walmart to size and stuck them on there.


We use these. Easy to put in and take out to clean.


When NOT in use, I cover mine from underneath with aluminum foil. Unscrew & pull vent out of the floor, fold the foil around the bottom and up around the sides; screw it back in.


I live in Florida now and only used the furnace while in Texas during a frosting winter. I take the screws and vents out, using my shop vac to suck out the dirt. Wash and dry the vents, replacing them, then cover with two lines of the clears packing tape. I do this a couple of times year, the tape changes a bit as the floor gets washed. That simple.


As someone that lives with two shiba inus a cat and a wife that all shed ???? I just remove the vent cover and vacuum it out, in the summer just throw those magnetic covers over them

Source: Few questions about furnace output floor vents inside the trailer…1. recommend a screen to minimize stuff falling in there? 2. When furnace not in use, is it ok to cover completely with rug? 3. Best way to clean debris in there?

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