Our decisions determine which direction our lives will go, but there are times outside influences and circumstances cause the path to meander a bit. Since we have been RVing full time the past six years, the biggest lesson I’ve learned is going with the flow.

I am a creature of habit and routine. I function best when things are going according to the agenda. It’s not smooth sailing in RV life, though. Reservations get canceled, unexpected repairs may pop up, or a family issue will necessitate a sudden change in direction. These revisions are way out of my comfort zone, but I’ve learned to embrace the lesson in those last-minute modifications. I do grow as a human when I step outside of the normal everyday routine, even when I do it kicking and screaming.

For the last several months, we’ve taken a pause in our traveling. The RV will start rolling again in the month of December, but I’ve enjoyed the brief interlude. We purchased a home-base lot on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and added boating and fishing to our list of hobbies. It’s in a beautiful coastal area where small town living does still exist, there’s no mass influx of tourists, and peace and quiet is a staple. We also experience the dolphins frolic in our boat wake on our way to a favorite fishing spot.

This small pause has shifted my mindset, adjusted my personal goals, and given me the opportunity to discover and pursue untapped talents and new motivation. Storms will still appear on the horizon and plans will inevitably change, but it’s always nice to pause and gather strength for the battles ahead.

Source: Enjoying the Pause

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