Eh, an EV truck does what like 99% of truck owners need it to do. If I didn’t tow an RV, I’d get one in a heartbeat. Silly fast, costs next to nothing in running costs, etc. Sign me up!

Yes, if you need to tow more than 100 miles, battery packs and charging infrastructure need a few more years to mature.


Pretty damning video I’d say. Love to hear fords response to why it sucked so bad!


You didn’t educate anyone with any of your comments. Sure the video is educational and I’ve seen it before but as you stated you get amusement from your sarcastic comments.


Most trucks are cowboy costumes for accountants*. This truck will do that job fine.

*people on this forum are different because they most likely tow a lot. That said, most trucks don’t tow much in their lifetime.

Source: “Don’t buy an EV truck to do truck things.”

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