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koreanmojo05: Enjoy rolling up into gas stations and drive thrus, finding parking spaces, and Mercedes turboing up hills!

sdoconnell: Just finished the deal today, and traded my 2015 Fleetwood Discovery 40E for this 2019 Pleasure-Way Plateau TS. After we decided to quit full-timing, a big rig didn’t make much sense for us any longer. This little girl can get in comfortably to all the tight, out of the way places we couldn’t go before. And so easy to drive, and park.

Sorry for the crappy picture. We’re going to shake her down next weekend, I’ll try to get some better shots then.

Zero_Waist: Niiiiice

justbigstickers: If I could minimize my lifestyle I would pick up one of those in a heartbeat.

scleaver587: We stopped full timing last summer and we’re thinking of downsizing from our fifth wheel as well. Please post an update when you take her out, we’d love to know how it goes!

Psyk0pathik: So jealous. My friend had a turbo diesel van and i had my NA class C. He was flying up mountains with a 4 cylinder at 7000ft. I struggled just to hit 60 mph on flat highways. My next one will turbo no doubt.

theraf8100: It reminds me of a large junior bacon cheeseburger.

Source: Done with the big rig life, I’m going small time

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