Looking for tips, ways around the restrictions , websites, apps, franchise parks, etc to help find “aggressive breed dog friendly parks” . Seems most of the parks either don’t allow dogs or they have some extensive stupid list of dogs that aren’t allowed if they aren’t 10lb Yorkies. Old pic of our furr babies , black one is lab mix and red one is pit mix


What parks are you looking at? We have an American Bulldog and have never had a problem.


There’s no way around it, it’s their rules so if they don’t want to accept dogs they don’t have to. A lot of people don’t feel comfortable around dogs so it makes sense that not a lot of places except them


Insurance doesn’t allow aggressive breeds.


It’s insurance not the park itself in most cases.

Just like me renting my house, id happily let a friendly pit , by my insurance company says no. So I have to as well.

County/city/gov parks typically do not have these restrictions.


You might want to cross-post this to r/pitbulls (especially before the reddit anti-pit brigade swoops in here and floods the comment section).


You can claim any breed you want up until the manager requests that you leave.


My rottweilers an emotional support dog

But if you get a cool vet you can register them as a lab mix

Source: Dog breeds

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