Yes, I believe I 90% do.
It appears to be one of two things.
It’s either an electric ( remote start ) or and old electric anode / cathode rust protection device. Ziebart – famous for their (useless) after the car is manufactured ( and corrosion already started) rust protection in doors / undercoat also now do automotive “vanity” work ( starts, tints, bedliners ) so this is either an OLD anode / cathode part or a remote start.
Either way, it looks like a great item for the trash bin.


Does the back have any information?


Looks like a 1990’s car alarm. I’m gonna guess it’s related to keyless entry.


Is it in a drive-able vehicle?

If so it’s probably a remote start (the only electronics that Ziebart makes from what I can tell).


It’s in a trailer I originally thought it might be a battery charging controller


Maybe they used it as a remote start for a generator?


Ziebart is a rust / corrosion control company, so I concur with the above that it’s some anti corrosion device. Those things don’t work – the only thing they accomplish is extracting money from the buyers wallet.

Source: Does anyone know what this is and what it does?

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