You need two.


You may not “need* it but would benefit from having one.


More details that i couldn’t include with the photo.

I am towing a 2017 Scamp 16′ standard model – I haven’t weighed it but the manual says it weighs between 1900-2200lbs. Its a pretty base level model with out many add ons (no shower/toilet, no black water tank, no water heater) so I would expect the weights to be somewhat accurate.

I am towing with a 4 door Jeep Wrangler Sahara with a tow rating of 3500lbs and a tongue weight limit of 350 lbs.

By the numbers, I should be fine. But when I look at the setup, there is quite a bit of lifting of the front end of the Jeep (see photos).



No…you need a truck…or airbags.


You’ll need to check if you can even do a weight distribution hitch on that. Not all vehicles can use them.

If you can, then I think you’d benefit. It’ll level out and also reduce sway.


Get the “Weigh My Truck” ap and put it on a CAT scale. Compare those numbers to the GVWR of the Jeep.


I would suggest it. Your front end is a bit in the air and the nose of the trailer is a bit low.

As an added benefit, purchase one that has sway control built into it. Maybe something like the fastway E2 would suit your needs. I personally use one on my cargo conversion camper that I also haul two ATV’s in.

Source: Do I need a weight distribution hitch?

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