Please post back about how this goes.


If the warranty doesn’t cover it, flex seal will!


If you were to see how fast they assemble a TT , I’m surprised there isn’t more issues. Bets of luck with the dealership and warranty hopefully they’ll cover it.


It’s also funny because everyone said Azdel doesn’t delam and apparently it does and damn fast at that


How do you like the rig? My wife and I were looking at buying the same model with the side out (just us two)


My experience is they will cover it 100% but it mIght be at their place for 1 to 2 months before it is ready.

Make sure you go through the trailer and find everything you want fixed. Trim pieces test the cable connection at every spot and slide gaps and drawer squareness and and and….
So it goes in once. The dealers get paid for everything you fix and you usually only fix things covered. Hence they are motivated to get your warranty items approved.



You have a leak, since it’s pretty new they might cut you a break and replace the back cap, but when it comes to water damage due to improper sealant maintenance they’re usually going to deny the claim.

Gotta check your seals urgently as often as you can.

Source: Delamination on 5 month old Grand Design TT. Very disappointed, hopefully warranty will cover it.

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