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I have tried several collapsible hoses for our trailer. I like the collapsible because it’s easier to manage and store. We rarely camp with hookups. Usually just filling the tank for boondocking. I have tried 2 versions of Aqua Joe and the Zero G hoses. All have eventually(and quickly) failed. Ruptured liners leaking through the jacket, the Zero G had a failure at the connection. Is there any good version of these type of hoses?


I purchased a Titan brand one that surprised me by holding up for over 3 years. I think they’re all pretty junky but 3 years with no leaks or failure points has been pretty good.


Do you have access to purchase a FITT Force Pro (flat) drinking water hose? If so, grab one! These things are pretty much bulletproof, when pressurized they are kink-free (literally, try to kink one by pulling its coils out straight, and it’ll foil your attempts every single time!), they collapse to flat when not pressurized, and in that latter state, they are incredibly flexible, allowing them to be coiled, or piled, or whatever you want.

If you really want a sexy setup, buy a handheld hose reel, wind the sucker up onto it in 10 seconds flat, toss it in the bay, and drive away.


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I would also recommend adding quick disconnects to the ends if you can or some other food safe plastic end so that if it gets chewed up by use, you can swap the end and not scrap the hose.


One thing to note about the collapsible hoses. They are not meant to be closed for any period of time under pressure. Only to extend. If you leave it sit under pressure it will fail. No matter what brand you use.

Source: Collapsible Hose Recommendations

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