Every resource says, “change your locks!” But, I have yet to find anything online that looks like it would fit this existing design. Am I overlooking the fact that the cutout is pretty much the same and a different handle type would work just fine? Or do I need to just wait until someone makes an aftermarket piece like this to swap out?


I have the same lock and have also been unable to find a replacement. Really want one with the number pad/remote fob/ key options. I spent about an hour searching and couldn’t find any option at all.


Your just replacing the silver part. They are called fic key cylinders. If you Google a fastec fic key distributor you can order a new cylinder/key combo with what ever key code you want.

There is a blue key that takes the cylinder out from the front but it’s only for lock smiths. You can remove the cylinder from the inside.


Not sure if this works but they are very responsive.



I don’t know what brand that is, but my R-Pod had Bauer branded keys and locks, so I ordered extra keys directly from the manufacturer: https://bauerproducts.com/

They have a huge selection of replacement locks, keypad locks, etc.


Rvlock.com does not have anything compatible with that kind of handle/lock.


Www.rvlock.com has several styles

Source: Can’t seem to find a replacement

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