Tried everything I could think of to fix this… any suggestions? I’m in a 2017 KZ Sportsman as well… not sure if that matters too much.


Is this on city pressure or water pump? Or both?


Unrelated to the problem but your shower hose is on backwards. That button down at the bottom is supposed to be at the shower head so you can press it and turn the water off while you soap up.


Looks suspiciously localized within the faucet. As someone has suggested, I would focus on the shower pull.


There might be calcium buildup in your lines somewhere, or some gunk of some sort is clogging the line. It looks like your pressure is low, too, as a result of that.


Does the faucet have a screen on it? It could have a bunch of build up on it.

Source: Can’t Fix This Gurgling For The Life Of Me… Any Suggestions?

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