Why not mount it correctly and just drill another pin hole in the bike rack?


I don’t know the exact location, but if this is for a spare tire originally, I would not mount a bike to it.

Bikes have a huge amount of movement and sway and can torque the bumper off the camper. There is more movement the longer the camper or longer the bikes are mounted away from the bumper.


Can I mount this bumper mount hitch backwards? I want to use it for bicycle rack. The issue I noticed is that the pin location is so close to the opening of the hitch, it doesn’t allow the bike rack to go all the way into the receiver. When I mounted it backwards, there is a lot more room for the bike rack to slide into the receiver, and to me that seems to better support the weight. So like the title, are they are any real issues with mounting it this way? Curt instructions say to mount it the proper way, not like my picture.


I put a front receiver on my tow vehicle for bikes so I dont have to worry about TT bumper bounce. Also handy for tight spaces and an oil change step.


From the techs I’ve talked to, that stock bumper isn’t going to tolerate much more weight than the spare tire. And the bounce of bikes on top of that, and you could end up picking stuff off the dirt road. Get a whole new bumper that’s heavy duty.

Source: Can I install this bumper mount hitch backwards for a bike rack?

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