Well there aren’t going to be any Tow Police comments on this one!


Yo dawg, we heard you liked sleeping so we put a sleeper on your tow vehicle so you could sleep in your sleeper while towing a sleeper.


Here is a tour of this RV:Space Craft Custom RV – YouTube


“I chose a towable so that I could go sightseeing and to the store with my tow vehicle”


I’ve known a few guys with rigs similar. Both of them also had a smart car parked on the back of the tractor they used for their running around, sightseeing, etc… one they were at their location. I can’t tell if this guy does similar but it does seem to have some kind of pad there just behind the sleeper cab.


“So how much money do you ha…All of it. I have all of it, thanks”


I’m waiting for the tow police.

Source: Camping in West Yellowstone, met this giant

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