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CBR85: Highway 1 up the California/Oregon coast is a must see.

nolleyorth: Throw a dart at a map

timeonmyhandz: No joking., the RV vacations for dummies book is not a bad start…

learntorv: The recommendation to “throw a dart on the map” is a good one. We’ve been in 30 states so far and have found beauty in every one of them. Be it natural beauty of places like Moab, UT to city life in Las Vegas and San Francisco to the laid back free love/vacation life of Key West. Even southern NJ has beautiful beaches in Stone Harbor and Avalon and quiet little towns to go with them; of if you want a bit of nightlife and boardwalk, go to Wildwood.

Texas has everything imaginable.

Utah and Arizona, we’ve just scratched the surface and were beautiful.

We want to go back to Chicago.

Even going to Elkhart/Goshen was interesting, from seeing how the ~~sausage is~~ err, RVs are made.

Pennsylvania has Amish country and Philadelphia, the birth of our nation.

Whatever you like, there’s something out there. Grab a map and checkout sites like []( and I’m sure you’ll find something wherever you go.

kyllei: Grand Canyon

Woogsterone: Yellowstone, WY and The Black Hills, SD

Source: Brand new to the RVing community. Planning my first trip and was wondering what are the must see spots in the US. Thanks in advance and I apologize for my ignorance,

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