I’m in a 2000 Shasta Cheyenne.
Can anyone tell me if the small lever that I have pulled out on the right is the locking/holding device for the dumping valve?
I have the actual dumping valve pulled out (it’s underneath) but the tank doesn’t seem to be emptying. I look down the toilet and can see water getting closer to the top and the Micro monitor says that tank is full. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Thanks!


Could be a clog? That looks like the correct valve to me try closing the valve adding some more treatment and waiting half a day that normally works for me if I have a clog also have you been rinsing the tank like you should every dump? It prevents clogs. If the treatment doesn’t work you can either A. Call a rv repair guy who is willing to unclog it. B. Get a stick and stir up the tank from the toilet hole.(option B Only works if you can look straight down the pipe to the tank.) if B does not work go with A because then you really have a problem. Also do not use wet wipes of any kind and make sure the toilet paper you use says septic safe


There is a Facebook group “Shasta RV Owners Group”. Maybe post there for help. I find the RV Facebook groups very helpful for our RV.


Had this happen last year. Search YouTube. There’s a video of how to clear the clog. Basically it involves raising the end of the hose above the tank, filling it by opening the grey valve, then closing the grey valve and opening the black valve. Next, raise the hose more and the water in the hose flows backwards into the black tank clearing the clog. Then close the black valve. Finally dump as normal.


there exists an elbow with hose attachement that can be used for backwash. i use that and works well. not as much as one built in, but it’s next best afaik

Source: Black Holding Tank not emptying

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