At the recent RVX show in Salt Lake City, KOA introduced a 360-degree immersive display depicting what they think campgrounds could be like in the future. Its pretty far fetched and I’m not so sure they would appeal very much to us. What about you?

KOA’s vision of campgrounds of the future

At the recent RVX show in Salt Lake City, Kampgrounds of America unveiled an immersive, 360 degree display that depicted what they think campgrounds in various settings may look like in the future. Some may be right around the corner. Others are, well, pretty far fetched.But it is an interesting loo…

  • Doesn’t hold any appeal for me.
  • Not opening it if I have to submit
  • It’s all possible with investment in infrastructure. Just look at how Dubai came to be a elaborate city in the desert. Forward out of the box thinking, and willing investors in infrastructure. I can definitely see these ideas presented at least on some level actually happening. So that’s me saying, if KOA has the vision and drive to pull this off, they would be high on my investment portfolio.
    From where they started to today has been revolutionary, why wouldn’t they continue to be innovative and drive that future of camping? It also is nice to see them develop ideas by region and topography, rather than just cookie cutter same layout every where you go. Sure, that was the initial appeal of KOA, you knew you should be getting a quality place to stay compared to some run down place, but the future favors the bold. I’m excited to see this come about.
  • Nope
  • doesn’t appeal to me.
  • Some of it is interesting, but KOA builds parking lots for the most part. They pack everyone in. I just hope more RV parks get built.
  • KOA should use the money to update the campgrounds they already have.
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