What a Way to Kill the Vibe…

              We were spending the month in Winter Harbor, Maine.  We had a gorgeous waterfront site that overlooked the bay. We watched the tide roll in and out, the sunsets, the bald eagles circling overhead. About a week into our stay, we received a call to go to work in California.

               After covering 3300 miles in four days, we pulled into our site in the mountains north of Los Angeles.  Tired and in need of hot showers, we hooked up and settled into our new site.  Mike handles all of the outside utilities and I get us all ready inside the trailer – our usual duties. We poured cocktails and settled into our comfy chairs for the evening.

              The next morning  we woke up early to brave the LA traffic for the first time – they are not kidding about that! You don’t get very far before the sea of brake lights. Once the work day was complete and it was time to head home, we checked the traffic situation and it clearly indicated that we should stop for dinner before hitting the road. There was no way we were making it home in under two hours.

                         OK, this is not LA traffic, but it sure felt like this!!!  ———->

              We took our time finding a place close for dinner then head home post rush-hour.  As we pulled up to the trailer late on a Friday night, all we could think about was crawling into bed but we were unprepared for what was crawling all over our home.  As Mike opened the door and walked in, I saw them immediately. The trailer was covered in THOUSANDS of ants. They were everywhere! The floors, walls, countertops….I was freaking out!

So what worked for us???

  1. I busted out my Dyson Animal and started sucking up as many as I could.
  2. 409 kills them instantly. That did the trick for the ones that crawled up the water hose and the bicycles outside.
  3. I found the points, yes, two points of entry.  You can’t just kill the ones inside, you must stop them from continuing to enter.
  4. We put out ant bait traps inside and outside of the trailer.
  5. We even moved campsites right away.   The ants were coming from an infested tree next to the rig. There was no way to stop them overnight as we were in the middle of nowhere with no close resources.

*This happened again at our next park. Apparently, the area is having a problem with ants at this time.

I repeated steps 1-4….However, with permission from the RV Park Management, I also sprayed the tree. They have a service that comes around on a weekly basis, but I could not wait. I bought a can of regular ant spray and sprayed the tree and the entire perimeter of our pad.

I always check before I do anything like that because there are certain rules at various parks about the use of pesticides. Also, be a good neighbor and let your neighbors know in case they have kids or pets so they are sure to stay clear of that area for a while.

Do you have any remedies or preventative measures for ants?

Source: Ant Invasion!

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