I don’t blame you. Living in an RV these days feels like never ending stress if you don’t have a good place to park it.


Hope you don’t end up like me, did that had a house and property for nearly 4 years and just sold it all and bought a class A to do it all again


Congratulations on the upgrade. The only reason I stay in a trailer is I can’t stand the neighbor at my house. I pay $400 a month lot space and have cool neighbors. My mom and her husband live in the house and keep it up. If you find a decent neighborhood with good neighbors it’s priceless.


Can you explain why?


Nice! Anything you wish you would’ve done that you didn’t get to?


I’m just doing it for a couple of years to buy land and build a house. So congratulations! You’re where I want to be


Good for you. I really like my camper, but I like having my house to go home to every day. 11 acres and a pond with no neighbors makes it worth it. Hell, we go camping just to meet people.

Source: After 14 months I’m saying goodbye to the RV life. Bought a house and sold the RV

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