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6-5-10-6-11: Holy shit! That’s a lot of leverage on that hitch!

I suggest going to a metal fab shop and see what they can do for yah. That setup is beyond sketch and really dangerous for the public.

Dagomer44: Get an adjustable hitch mount. UHaul sells them.

Legitimate_Horror: Torklift Super Hitch and extension. If the problem is your extension is drooping.

pjmcandr: Is there any way you can get rid of all those other hitch extensions? That’s your problem.

banshe10592: The rack might hold 200lb but the other components may not be able to handle that much weight that far back. The farther back you are the greater the force is

bognostroglum: Think about how much the cargo is going to bounce when you go over a speed bump and the length of all those extensions acts like a fulcrum and gives your load a good jolt and stressing the metal right at the receiver. Get rid of the extensions and get the load as close as you can to the receiver. when you get to your destination swap out the step for the cargo . Id be surprised if this is even legal

TheNotSoFunPolice: You could go to a hitch/truck utility-body shop and have them weld a custom one up.

Or, does anyone make a front hitch for your truck?

Source: Advice? I have a 3000 watt Honda generator, meets the capacity of the 200 lbs aluminum rack. Any advice on how to change this up? I want this higher and don’t know what else to do.

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