Meet Kyle Nossaman and his wife, Kallie. Yeah, they’re too cute.

But besides being exceptionally photogenic, this couple is well on their way to becoming experts in the ultimate road trip. They’re traveling around the country for a year — in a school bus.


But it doesn’t matter how you roll. You need to know how to go in comfort and style. So we tapped these pro roadsters to share some of the secrets they discovered over their first three and a half months on the road.

There’s gear, apps, and even snacks.

Kyle and Kallie Nossaman school bus
Couple Begins Yearlong National Park Road Trip in School Bus

A GearJunkie editor and his wife recently began a yearlong national park road trip in their school bus-RV conversion. Check out their plans and follow along on their adventures. Read more…

Tips for the Ultimate Road Trip

1. Craft your own coffee.

Instead of paying $4 for branded coffee every morning, wake up, turn on a camping stove, and make your own relaxing cup of steaming deliciousness. We recommend the AeroPress coffee maker, as it’s super simple to use and cleanup is a cinch.

roadtrip inside bus

Use a Jetboil to heat up water. Roll up to a local park and enjoy the fresh air while your coffee brews. Then keep your coffee safe and warm forever in a YETI Rambler Tumbler with the Magslider lid. You’ll never go back to a traditional mug.

2. Invest in shoes you’ll use.

Long stretches of driving require comfortable footwear, and we love slip-on sandals. They let your feet breathe and are easy to put on and take off on a whim. Consider a pair of Crocs or the wild-looking but crazy-comfortable KEEN Uneeks as your driving sandals. They’ll double as your all-purpose lazy footwear anywhere you go.

On long drives, a good old leg stretch will add some oomph to your day. So keep a favorite pair of hiking shoes nearby that can get you into the woods and help you ease tense muscles. Merrell’s MQM Flex shoe is a solid choice that crosses over for a variety of activities.

Merrell roadtrip shoes

When you’re sick of the cramped car and driving through a local park, national forest, BLM land, or other places with trails, take a quick detour to see new sights. You’ll enjoy the road trip more if you take the time to appreciate the journey and the places along the way.

3. Try some travel apps.

Can’t stay awake at the wheel any longer? We use the AllStays and iOverlander apps to find free places to spend a night in an RV or car. The trusty tech companions help us locate free dispersed campgrounds in national forests, rest stops, travel stops, and, in a pinch, even traveler-friendly Walmarts.

roadtrip in bus

Skip the dingy, depressing motel and still get a good night’s rest in between road trip days with a warm and cozy blanket. You won’t believe how much you’ll look forward to your fuzzy friend over a motel comforter.

roadtrip blanket

4. Pack your lunch.

Eating out for every meal on long road trips can add up — time- and money-wise. So we opt to bring along a cooler.

You can’t beat YETI’s Hopper Two 30 for storing enough groceries to make some tasty lunches while on the road. We keep fruit, lunch meat, cheese, soft drinks, and more within steering wheel’s reach.

Kyle and Kallie on roadtrip

5. Purchase polarized sunglasses.

Dollar-store sunglasses won’t protect your eyes on long, sunny drives. Polarized sunglasses not only cut down on road glare but will let you see the finest features in nature during any part of your adventure. Invest in a pair of polarized shades to keep the squinting to a minimum — and sightseeing to a maximum.

This article is sponsored by Cabela’s. Visit a Cabela’s store near you to upgrade your road trip gear.

Source: 5 Ways to Upgrade Your Road Trip Experience

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