I’m parking at a friend’s house when I’m not on the road. Just came back from a trip and found this on the new shop he’s building and came to two realizations:

A. I’ve got a damn good friend
B. The fact that I got giddy over having my own 30amp made me realize I’ve been assimilated. I’m in the life and there’s no going back now.


It was a great day when my mother installed one at her house for my rig. It was even one that can handle the fat plugs with the pull out handle.


My dad installed a 30A plug at our house so he could come visit with his RV and not have to worry about AC etc in his rig.

Came in REAL handy when we bought our rig!


As an electrician, I put one on my house and any of my friends houses that wanted one if it wasn’t to hard.


Wow you had me really confused.

Source: You know you’ve been assimilated when….

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