Have you ever been to an RV rally? If not, it’s high time you got yourself to one. And honestly, even if you’ve already been to a dozen RV events, you should be making plans to attend upcoming rallies. Why? Because whether you’re brand new to the road or an old pro, an RV rally will have something great to offer you! 

Fulltime Families has a large number of RV rallies in 2022, and even some already planned for 2023. These RV events are crucial for making and nurturing the connections that make long-term travel feasible. They also offer a variety of other opportunities and benefits that RVers can take advantage of, and because any rally run by FtF is going to be a full-time family RV rally, you can rest assured your kids will have some awesome opportunities too. 

Here are the top reasons to attend a Fulltime Families RV rally in 2022, 2023, and beyond!

Make New Friends

The first and most obvious reason to attend an RV rally is to make like-minded friends. This is why many new RVers end up at Fulltime Families rallies and events, and if it’s the main reason you head to one yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

FtF events always have a huge number of families in attendance. Not only that, the organized fun at these events also ensures everyone has a chance to meet new friends. In fact, some rally events are put together specifically to encourage interaction between families who have never met!

Yes, those who are new to full time RV living will find new friends, but even those who’ve been on the road for years are likely to find some new buddies when attending an RV rally. 

Spend Time with Old Friends

If you’ve been traveling for a few months or more, you’ve likely connected with a few RVing families, especially if you’ve attended other RV events or spent time in Thousand Trails campgrounds.

In many cases, full time family RV rally events serve as reunion events, bringing families who have already met back together, as well as strengthening previously established relationships. Rallies are what makes the Fulltime Families community as strong as it is!

Family hiking

Bond as a Family

Yes, you’re going to connect with other families while at an RV rally. You won’t be able to help it, as you’ll be surrounded by potential friends and the kids will be meeting other kids by the dozens. Surprisingly though, many find that Fulltime Families rallies also help bring their own family unit closer together. 

You see, some of the organized games and events at these rallies are focused on getting the kids and adults to play together. A lot of parents take off work for a few days in order to enjoy the festivities. This leads to families making memories together, something that is sure to create a stronger family bond. 

See the Sights

When most people think “RV Rally,” they imagine staying within the campground and hanging out with other RVers there. And yes, a lot of what happens at a Fulltime Families rally is in the host campground.

That said, most rallies also include at least one field trip. This is an opportunity to get in some sightseeing with friends. In some cases, it might mean checking out something you would not have thought to see otherwise, and seeing cool attractions with friends always adds another layer of fun and excitement!

Aquarium field trip

Enhance Your Roadschooling

Fulltime Families RV rally events are perfect for roadschoolers. Not only do they offer plenty of opportunities for socializing and having fun, they also offer a huge number of educational activities. 

The aforementioned field trips are always educational in some way, and the Kids’ Marketplace gives kids a chance to try their hand at running a business. Crafts encourage creativity, games encourage teamwork, and Fulltime Families Explorer events give kids a chance to earn a badge when they learn important life skills. Additionally, most FtF rallies include guest speakers who come in to talk to families about their field of expertise. 

These events pack so much education into a week that most families take a break from any traditional schooling they would normally do in order to take full advantage of the event activities. 

Gather Ideas

One of the benefits of having a community is that members within the community help one another. Many families use rallies as a chance to get ideas and input from other full timers, finding out what has worked for others and how their peers are solving problems that are stumping them.

Coffee talks about specific topics are great opportunities for gathering such information, so be prepared to take notes! 

Using a drill

Get Help and Offer Assistance

Another benefit of being part of a strong community? You’ll never have to be concerned about finding help when you need it. Some Fulltime Families members use rallies and other RV events to offer and/or ask for a helping hand.

We’ve seen many major RV projects happen during rallies. Whether you need bunk beds built or a mechanical issue fixed, a rally could be the time to find that helping hand you’ve been looking for. Just know that because many RVers make RV repairs and modifications for a living, you might need to pay for your fellow travelers’ services!

Grow Your Business

Are you one of those individuals who runs an RV repair company? Do you have a handyman business you’re looking to build? If so, offering your services during a rally might be the perfect way to grow your business and get the boost you’ve been needing. 

Don’t have one of these types of businesses? Don’t worry, this benefit isn’t limited to those who can make repairs and build things. In fact, pretty much any business owner can benefit from networking at RV rallies. Many RV rally events even include an adult marketplace specifically for this purpose. 

Clearly, there is a lot to be gained from attending an RV rally. Are you ready to be a part of the Fulltime Families community and feel that sense of connection you’ve been searching for? Grab a membership today and sign up for one of our many upcoming RV events. We can’t wait to meet you!

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Source: Why You Should Attend an RV Rally

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