5 Years of Full-time Travel RV Wanderlust

I hadn’t planned on writing today. But as we mark our 5-year nomadiversary, it seems too much of a milestone to leave unturned.

A couple of years ago, I wrote “How More Than 3 Years of RV Travel Have Changed Me.” What I wrote is still true.

In the conclusion of that article, I pondered how the next three years would impact me, and predicted that Caspian (our #LittleNomad) would play a defining role. I was right because, these days, I’m a mother before a traveler, a caretaker before an explorer, a protector before a risktaker.

Even so, our little one adds to the richness of our adventures, rather than detracting from our dreams. When we look ahead, we see ourselves pushing boundaries as a family, trying new things, and continuing our lifestyle of full-time travel.


Overland Camping With Toddler
Overland camping in Mexico with #LittleNomad

We’ve made changes over the past few months. We sold our diesel RV Meriwether, our home for nearly five years. We moved into our Jeep Wrangler, outfitted for overland travel. We crossed the southern border on Jan. 5, 2019, and spent the next six weeks exploring the deep interior of Mexico.

But when we announced our 2019 travel plans, we told you we were still going to be RVers. In the coming weeks, as our plans become reality (God-willing), we’ll eagerly share more with you.

And looking farther ahead, what does the future hold? It’s a big world. Our overlanding trip through Mexico, which we viewed as a shakedown–a personal experiment to see whether we enjoyed vehicle-based international travel–was a smashing success.

Overlanding Sierra Gorda Mexico
Overlanding through Mexico’s Sierra Gorda

We are 100% sold on overlanding around the world, visiting as many of the 193 countries outside North America as we can. Our projected launch is summer 2021. Between now and then, we’ll take as many international trips as we can, while fulfilling our stateside commitments to family and clients.

This is our life plan. We have nowhere else to be, but together. You’re invited to come, too.


Source: Where We Are After 5 Years of Full-time Travel

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