It’s not the unit that manufacture has in the booklet, I received. I bought this camper used. It’s a 2021 forest river heritage glen 24RLHL. Any advice and recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Am a newbie living in a camper.


The filters are underneath those covers on the left and right side of the unit. Once you remove the covers you can take the filters out, clean with some water, dry, and put them back in.


Yep, I have this exact unit. The two sides that look like vents, the pop out and the filters are underneath each


see those 2 tabs on both left n right sides? slide them outwards.


Yep, I have this exact unit. The two sides (left and right sides in the picture), they pop out and the filters are underneath each


I would remove and spray mine with a water hose at least once a month. I really preferred having reusable filters with the Coleman over disposable with my dometics. Be careful not to break the tabs that hold the screen and filter in place


Just clean them.


I bought filter material and cut my own to fit.

Source: Where to look for filters for this unit

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