????. Looks like the bearing is shot.


You picked a fine time to leave me, loose wheel.

Sucks, but on a trailer one has to keep up on those bearings or else this can happen. Thankfully, in a storage lot is WAY better than having it happen on an interstate an hour away from everywhere. Maybe still a pain in the rump, but could have been far, FAR worse.


Perhaps someone forgot to cotter the castle nut in place after repacking the bearings?


Yup, the bearing has gone to another life. Change the other side and the grease seals while you’ve got your tools out. It’s a good thing it toppled at low speed, things get really messy at 60 m.p.h.


Well look at it this way: it didn’t fall off the beginning of the next vacation.


Someone definitely loosened your lugs if they fell off 10 feet from the spot except……

If it really only went 10 feet then I don’t think any lugs were on. Even if lugs were loose it would last more than 10 feet.

Did you come back to storage yo find it flat? Put on your spare and forget to put the lugs on?


You are so lucky,,, this could have happened out in Moose Fart, Montana where there is nothing for 100 miles. That wheel should have been wobbling like crazy the last 100 miles.


What the fook I wanna caravan for it’s got no fookin’ wheels?!

Source: Wheel fell off 10 feet from storage spot

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