Last night was our first night in the camper. We’re connected to shore power and water. When the AC kicks on and we open the fridge, there’s this chirping noise (you can hear it in the video).

What’s that sound? What’s it mean?


Just the latch on the fridge. Minor.


Also, it’s not the fire alarm. We unplugged that to test and the sound still happens.


If you slowly open it, does it still make the chirp noise?

If so, try removing the light bulb from inside. Does it still make the chirp noise?

If it does, manually press on the fridge light switch (button that engages with door close). Does it still make the chirp noise?

These should help you isolate where the noise is coming from.

Also, have you double-checked your propane/CO detector? It will be at ground level. Crazy theory, but does your RV fridge have a small refrigerant leak that the detector is picking up when the door opens? I think this would be HIGHLY unlikely, but just a thought.


That’s the “stay out of the fridge before you break it” alarm

Source: What’s that sound?

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