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learntorv: Towing with a HDT is fairly common. My buddy does it- carries a Smart car on the deck for him and his wife to putter around in.

I took a couple of videos when they parked near us recently. Getting parked:

Unloading the Smart car:

Honestly, he’s only slightly longer than I am when hitched up. We have a 22’ truck and 44’ fifth wheel. And he has a better turning radius than me.

Ifhjlhfsfhg: Ah yea, let me back that into a space for you…

pjmcandr: I bet it drives like a dream

Doc-Zoidberg: Best tow rig for one of those super heavy fifth wheels.

I absolutely love the Jayco Seismic 4213 with the campside patio, but towing one of those on a 1 ton pickup wouldn’t be fun. A toter like this would make towing over the road a lot nicer if you cover a lot of ground.

RawdogginYourMom: That’s some baller shit.

theneverman: Great on the road for sure, it’s no worse in tight spots than pulling with a proper pickup truck.

Source: What do you think for this setup . It must be fun to stay inside but must be pain in a.. when on road .

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