Looks like you may be able to just replace the door? Lucky you didn’t do that on the sidewall of the camper


You feel that stress? It’s normal. You’ll get past this and every future mishap will go by a little bit smoother. Enjoy the RV!


You’re not a true RV owner until you do your first round of repairs. This should be pretty minor and easy to fix. Good news is that each mistake generally hurts less than the last (at least emotionally).


At least it’s just the door and should be easily replaceable.


Thank you all for the supportive replies here, I am shocked! It helps a lot to hear a lot of your sympathies on this one. I really appreciate it. I am going to tape up the mark to ensure water doesn’t get in there and won’t let it impede my future missions coming up 🙂


Ya broke her in! Welcome to that club.


You lucked out big time.

The body panel is undamaged. You only dented the door.

Consider it a lesson.

Source: Well… I did the stupid, bought an RV then proceeded to damage it a day later…

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