Embrace your inner fae and have a pixiecore RV.

Alternatively, get a dehumidifier and check for leaks. Caulk the shit out of RVs, they leak like sieves.


It pisses me off that I can buy a $500 shed from Home Depot and it will stay bone dry for 10+ years but my 1 year old $40k rv leaks.


I am no expert but that trim piece running across the ceiling looks like it is hiding something. It looks after-market and it might be the lighting but the ceiling seems to dip a bit right there. I would immediately inspect the roof seals above this slide out. You might have serious leak issues and whoever sold the rig to you may have tried to hide it with trim board.


A little bit of butter and garlic for starters….

Start gently pulling stuff apart to see if its a leak somewhere or just a build up of moisture that allowed them to grow. Once you have found the source of moisture then go from there.


Take a long strange trip


1: Remove the shrooms and cover up any evidence of them as best as you can.

2: Take it to a dealer who’s too busy to do a proper inspection, and try to get them to buy it from you as a trade-in.

Once moisture gets into the walls, you are fucked.


Pluck them using a bag to capture any and all spores. Clean immediately with an antifungal cleaner!

Source: Well fuck. What do I do?

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