Here to vent and pour one out for my familys Winnebago Micro Minnie. Went to pull it out of storage this morning and discovered it has been stolen.
Absolutely gutted, my wife and I had really dialled in the trailer to meet our needs, had 2 successful trips under our belts and many more planned this year….

I had a coupler lock on the trailer and had removed the fuse for the tongue jack but evidently those deterrents are nothing for an experienced thief. They followed another vehicle into the storage facility and hauled out trailer away in broad daylight.

Hindsight is a cruel process…why didn't I shop a more secure facility, why didn't I put an Air Tag or some kind of GPS tracker on the trailer. Hopefully the trailer is recovered or my insurance pays out without any struggle. Gonna be fun telling my 2 year old and 4 year old that our trailer is gone ????‍????


I was on a camping trip and woke up to a call from a detective at 5am. They told me my camper was stolen. Someone had smashed down the double fence (both wooden privacy and chain link) behind my spot, hooked up, and took off. I told him mine was not stolen because I am using it right now, and for whatever reason he argued with me that it WAS stolen even though I told him like 5 times no it’s not and I’m sitting in it right now.

Turns out it was a new guy who had been parking his camper in my boat’s spot despite me and management asking him to move to the spot he leased. I had been bouncing byetween a couple vacant spots and it was really getting to be a pain in the ass. Got my spot back after they fixed the fence!


That sucks. I hope you end up finding it or insurance will pay for it.


I use Anyfleet trackers. Its an LED tail light with a tracker built in. If the trailers are unhooked, battery will hold for 6 months or more and start charging as soon as its hooked back up. You absolutely cannot tell that they are trackers. Cant tell the difference between the tracker and the other tail light, and they track very, very well.


Sorry this happened. Hope insurance does right.

For the next trailer use a much better hitch lock. The style pictured is absolutely worthless.  

ICON by Altor is what I use and recommend.


My wife has a large storage lot she manages and you seriously never know what thieves are going to do.

One climbed a fence, hopped on a zero turn mower, then drove it through the fence. Only to run out of gas a mile down the road and abandon the mower. They have security cameras and of course a fence and a gate but a determined thief will eventually get what they want.

They’ve even had a rash of break-ins where people have broken into RV’s looking for valuables.

We leave the door unlocked, and we have a security camera inside. Nothing I leave inside the RV is worth more than the cost of replacing the door so I figure letting them walk right in will save me money in the long run. Plus a hitch lock. Mine is just like yours was. I know there are better ones but I figure it’s a deterrent and since some of my neighbors don’t lock theirs at all; well maybe mine will seem like more trouble than it’s worth. Maybe I should invest in one of those Icons!

You mention pulling the fuse for the tongue jack. I hadn’t thought of that! That’s not a bad idea! Though anyone with an ounce of knowledge would know you can just pop the rubber lid off the top and crank it up with the appropriate socket.


The best you can is to slow down a thief or annoy them into finding an easier target – you cannot stop a determined theif.

It’s probably better if it’s never recovered…who knows how it was treated – or mistreated.


And when this happens because your city doesn’t allow storing RV, Boats etc even though you have space, it’s even more frustrating.

Source: Trailer stolen from Storage Facility

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