What are you trying to pull..? Big difference between a midsized SUV and a HD pickup. Though with 5 in the family, I’d argue most of that list is gone right off the bat, you’ll need at least a half ton or a real full size SUV unless you have a tiny trailer. Most vehicles simply don’t have the payload capacity (look at vehicle stickers, not internet specs) to load up with a family, food, fun, and a trailer.


Curious where your reliability metrics are pulled from. I’ve beat the hell out of Ford, Chevy, and Dodge, and wouldn’t rate any of them as low as you have the F250/350 on your list.


I think you need to factor towing ease of use into this a bit more. You have Tundra near the top of the list. I have an f150 and my buddy has a tundra, we tow similar 7k# trailers. Tundra is objectively more “reliable” but he has to stop or slow substantially on hills bc his trans temp gets too high where I can keep rolling. I also used to have an f250, it was bulletproof and didn’t even notice a 7k trailer, made it a lot less to worry about when you are also thinking about getting everyone loaded up, etc.


I bought my used Chevy Express passenger for 19k with 45,000 miles on it. Runs great, tows great. Just kinda cheap feeling on the inside like a mass produced Chevy would be. Holds all our kids and stuff. Not a bad deal IMO.


Forgive my first comment, I misread the post. Haven’t had my first cup of coffee yet.

I own an 04 Nissan Xterra, and I wouldn’t recommend using it for a heavy tow.


GMC Yukon XL Denali (same as an Escalade esv) pulled our 27ft (33’ tongue to bumper) trailer, 3 kids, and bonehead dog all over the place. 2nd row captains chairs, rear bench, plenty of storage in the back. 6.2L 6spd with auto-leveling air ride from the factory.

Hands down the best family camper hauler and I truly miss owning that vehicle.


I tried two different V6 SUVs with “enough” towing capacity. In 2019 I bought a used F150 and it’s night and day. Unless you’re talking a Suburban (which won’t fit your budget), if you want to tow go with the truck.

Source: Tow Vehicle Tier List – family of five, used 2012 to 2020ish, $25K budget

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