We are having a snow storm and this happened. I’m devastated.

Will insurance write it off as a total loss or do I have any hope of repairing?

It’s my first TT so I don’t know a lot about them as far as repairs or anything. I’m so sad I just loved this little trailer.


Rv tech here. I have fixed lots of roof damage like that. Not that big of a deal. Roof membrane replacement will average $120 to $150 per linear foot of roof. If your roof is 20 ft. Long multiply it by the above figures. The carpentry and interior panels could run $1500 / $2000 or possibly more if there are wall panels and flooring that have been water damaged. You should know the basic value of your trailer. If the repairs are going to exceed 60 or 70 % of the trailers value then you may be looking at a total loss.


Oh shit! I feel so bad for you. I fear this situation as I live in a high wind area under trees. What kind of insurance do you have? I haven’t got any cause I haven’t figured out what is appropriate when you live full time in a trailer.


Depends on your insurance and the RV. I had a 3/4 sheet of plywood blow off a building and smash the middle of my 5er. 17K later, insurance took care of it. I thought total loss at first too. Call insurance, take pictures, call a RV repair place and see what they say, you may be surprised as we were.

Source: Total loss?

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