Pack Rats (aka Wood Rats) RVing Tip

When I first started boondocking in the US southwest desert regions, I would sometimes see other campers with their vehicle hood left open. I didn’t pay much attention to it figuring they were using the truck or motorhome battery for camping. It wasn’t until I first visited Organ Pipe Cactus Nat…

  • Wow
  • Boondocking out by the superstitions and our cat has caught 2 in the past few days! Good thing we have a mouser!
  • Great tip, I had never heard about the desert pack rats before, thanks for sharing.
  • Fresh Cab from a farm type store
  • MOTHBALLS. Irish Spring
    My dogs
    Got 2 at one time in engine compartment of my GMC with glue strip. And I did not feel sorry for them. They chew wiring harness. Cause lots of damage.
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