First ever Airstream Rally “Down Under”

First ever Airstream Rally “Down Under”

Somewhere in-between breaking down in the Northern Territory and launching Happy Camper Pizza, we managed to take part in a historical event – Australia’s first ever Airstream Rally.

Officially, it was the inaugural rally of the Wally Byam Caravan Club International (WBCCI) “Down Under” Unit – an Aussie arm of the Airstream club started in 1955. Thanks to Ruby Mason from Airstream Australia and Simon Matthee from Small Giants for setting up the “Down Under” Unit.

That’s Ruby wearing Wally Byam’s famous globe-trotting hat.

Even though Airstreams are so loved around the globe, there still aren’t that many here in Australia. Plus we’re a HUGE country, so our first rally was very small.

This is Peggy Sue, a 1966 Trade-Wind owned by Jessie and Scott from Airstream Dreams.

She became the “hub” for the all the kids. There were six, four and under. Stealing the show was Georgie and Robbie’s 1946 Curtiss Wright Clipper, Abeona (meaning Goddess of Journeys), home to their mobile production studio, Silver Pod Productions

The 22-foot trailer is a collaboration between Wally Byam and Curtis Wright based on Wally’s pre-war Airstream Clipper. (You can read a previous post about her here) Towing her was a faithful purple Volkswagen named Aurora who I hold fully responsible for my newfound Kombi obsession.

As our Airstream Wallabee is off the road, we brought along Allegra, a 1965 Caravel which has been converted into our Happy Camper Pizza food van. (You haven’t lived until you’ve tasted “Adventure Before Dementia” – our French-inspired pizza of caramelised onions, creme fraiche and lardons.)  No Airstream rally would be complete without the National Flag and a pink flamingo – which is how the whole pink flamingo craze began. Of course my kids wouldn’t leave the flamingo alone and kept pulling its head off!

But when you’ve got 500 metres of absolute beachfront to play with at the Tathra Beach Family Park, flamingo and even Kombi obsessions are easy to forget.  

Source: First ever Airstream Rally “Down Under”

Maiden Voyage

Maiden Voyage

Happy Camper Pizza has officially hit the streets of Melbourne, Australia!

Our first night and the dough roller broke down, the oven malfunctioned and Remi was not a happy camper.

But in the end he and his incredible assistants managed to churn out a few yummy pizzas.

Thanks to everyone who joined in Allegra’s (our Happy Camper) maiden voyage at Post Industrial Design in West Footscray.

For anyone living in Melbourne, you can track her weekly whereabouts using Where The Truck At

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Living spontaneously

Living spontaneously

I am the antithesis of prepared.

I am the person who books an International flight and manically hunts for my passport on the morning of departure.

I am the person who travels through South America for a year without reading the Lonely Planet guide that’s in my backpack.

I am the person who tows a 1960s caravan to the Red Centre of Australia with three kids and no spare tyre (and no fly net hat).

So my partner wasn’t surprised last weekend when I decided to take the kids on an impromptu road trip while he worked.

He needed the car and my in-laws were staying in our Airstream, but that wasn’t going to stop me.

Luckily the Gods always seem to indulge my crazy whims.

A cheap hire car and a friend with a spare bell tent later, and I was off to join in an Airstream Rally on the Mornington Peninsula.

Perhaps to my detriment I have no five year-plan. I live my life day-to-day.

I value words like spontaneous, serendipitous, flexible, go-with-the-flow.

The only things I haven’t done on a whim are get married or get a tattoo.

(As a result I am still not married and I don’t have a tattoo.)

Motherhood for me was definitely unplanned. And to my horror, my children all thrive on routine.

While spontaneity feels more like masochism these days, I still try my best to break the mold.

Whingeing kids and a wrong turn almost made me give up and head home last weekend.

But although prepared isn’t part of my vocabulary, perseverance definitely is.

Thanks to my gorgeous fellow Airstreamer, Jessie from Happy Glamper, for the amazing bell tent. And the coffee!

This post was originally written for Common Threads – a collaborative photoblog.

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NYE on the Hill

NYE on the Hill

Happy belated New Year everybody!

Our 2014 started on a high at NYE on the Hill, a 3-day camping and music festival on a farm in Victoria.

Happy Camper Pizza was invited along to feed the friendly, music-loving crowd.

It was the perfect excuse to hit the road again with the kids now that our other Airstream, Wallabee, has been repaired.

We found an amazing welder who fixed her up just in time to head to the Festival.

Thanks so much to Amy who read my blog post about Wallabee’s rear-end separation issues and offered the services of her talented husband, Dean.

“He can fix about anything” she said. And despite this being the first Airstream he had ever laid eyes on, he did what every caravan repairer in Melbourne couldn’t do.

Wallabee looked great surrounded by pine trees and Kombis.

The music and camping festival was kid friendly, filled with good-vibing folk who found Juju’s tutu obsession endearing.

She was lucky to have her best friend to party with (also costume obsessed) while I manically chased our two-year old twins around the camp while Remi made pizzas.

A Kombi tent!

No one got much sleep, but what better way to bring in the New Year and eat pizza?

Source: NYE on the Hill

Best Birthday Cake Ever

Best Birthday Cake Ever

photo 4 (1)

We just celebrated Remi’s 40th Birthday with the most amazing cake ever!

One of my Instagram friends, Mandie (@missgroovygirl) made this replica of our Happy Camper Pizza food van.

And it made everyone’s day!

photo 2photo 1 (2)

The kids admired it and poked and prodded for hours before I could bring myself to put the candles in and carve it up.

photo 5photo 2 (1)photo 3 (2)

We finally did. And it tasted as good as it looked.

Happy Birthday to one gorgeous pizzaiolo!

photo 4 (2)photo 5 (1)photo 1 (1)

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Molluscs and Pizza

Molluscs and Pizza

Our first corporate gig, the Port Phillip Mussel Festival for the Bank of Melbourne.

It was a seafood street party packed with non-stop music and buckets of local mussels.

And yummy seafood pizza!

IMG_9483 (Large)IMG_9497 (Large) IMG_9536 (Large)

Our pizza menu included a Seafood Special – a mix of prawns, mussels and calamari with napoli and garlic.

We also had Prawn & Spicy Salami – prawns, salami, napoli, mozzarella and lemon.

IMG_9526 (Large)

Pizza. Mussels. Gelato. Beer. Live music. Who could ask for more?

IMG_8171 (Large)

How about FREE pizza?

Lucky Bank of Melbourne customers.

IMG_9512 (Large) IMG_9488 (Large) IMG_9529 (Large)

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photoWhen a friend suggested we team up our Airstreams for a weekend at Clunes Booktown Festival, Remi and I were intrigued…

A whole town dedicated to the simple pleasure of curling up with a great book?

Would anyone lift their nose out of their book long enough to eat pizza? It was worth finding out.

photo 5photo 5

Every year in May, booklovers from around Australia head to Clunes to fossick for second-hand and out-of-print treasures whilst soaking up the historic atmosphere of the old gold town.

It is one of just 16 international Booktowns in the world and now boasts seven bookshops. (And two Airstreams)

photo 2photo 1photo 4

We set-up outside the Town Hall, next to the Dumbo Feather Airstream.

Dumbo Feather has a 1960s Ambassador it uses to share its amazing magazine, complete with coffee, mulled wine, beer and sweet treats.

With pizza added to the mix, there were happy campers all over Clunes.

photo 2photo 5

Between pizza making and parenting, we didn’t get to indulge in much book browsing.

But we did visit the most amazing book shop ever – Itty Bitty Book Van .

“Enid” is a 1950s vintage caravan, kitted out as a travelling children’s bookshop. Our kids were in bliss!

photo 1photo 1photo 1Books, Airstreams, pizza, beer and coffee. A perfect weekend.

Source: Booktown

Taking the Leap

Taking the Leap


It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted.

Starting a new business and juggling motherhood has left me burning the candle at both ends.

To update you on our Airstream journey and what you’ve missed, I’d love to share a recent interview I did with Of Kin about our adventures so far.

I’ve missed you all and I hope to start blogging again now I’ve finally come out of the haze. Sonia xxx

Sonia Leap Capture


Source: Taking the Leap




We were lucky to be handpicked to cater at this year’s Splendour In The Grass music festival.

It was a financial gamble for a little pizza van like ours, but we felt safe in the hands of Rafael Rashid (Taco Truck/Beatbox Kitchen) at his revolutionary Truck Stop – which featured eight top quality food trucks instead of the usual run-of-the-mill festival food.


The Truck Stop had every food craving sorted – from the sweet potato chips of the Veggie Patch Van, slow cooked barbeque of JR smokehouse, to fresh taco’s at the Taco Truck and of course Happy Camper’s handmade pizzas!


This year’s festival was headlined by the likes of Outkast, Lily Allen and Interpol and lauded as one of the best ever.

But we did make pizzas for Lily Allen and Outkast!


Our kids had an absolute ball.

Newly-made friends even helped carry them around in style (lucky Juju in Shanti’s Baba Sling!)


Our entire crew managed to have fun. Albeit no sleep.

Too busy making dough.

Source: Splendour

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