its not like 4WD would have done anything for them in this situation.

you would probably need Unimog based RV to drive out of that easily.


In a normal year the desert soil would have been dry and hard. They usually get around 0.2 inches of rain in all of September. This year they got up to an inch in a matter of hours, and the desert turned into mud. This was due to the remnants of tropical storm Hilary.

Most years people bring hundreds of RV’s to this event without any problems. This year was very unusual. I can’t really fault these people for not expecting this.


Disregarding the burning man thing. Rental rv’s make tow companies flipping rich.


Pretty sure I saw this exact RV leaving in a YouTube video. They got it out!


It’s a rental and it’s likely seen worse


Two wheel drive was more than sufficient to get them to Burning Man and has been proven many times. The variable this time was an abnormal amount of rain from Tropical Storm Hilary. That coach and many others out there had no options but to sink. It could happen to any of us….:(


This took me down a Burning Man reddit rabbit hole that left me confused, lol-ed out and still profoundly skeptical about the whole Burning Man “thing.”

Source: Still blows your mind that people believe a 2wd vehicle of this size will somehow be able to pull it off

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