So far so good…. nothing but good, as a matter of fact!

A week in our new RV

We’ve had our new 2019 Leisure Travel Van FX for about a week now, traveling about 1,800 miles through four states and Jen, Bo and I have been slowly getting used to it and the extra room and comforts it provides. The worst part was that we came down with horrendous colds the day we left Utah and th…

  • Sure wish I could figure out how the skeeters and other night bugs are getting in my Itasca Navion! Really disappointed. We’re traveling with another couple that have a Prism Elite and they are having the same problem. Lots of cracks and gaps apparently, you can hear the wind whistle thru them.
  • would love a write-up on the New Mexico snowbird registration process and benefits.
  • I’m curious as to why you chose the Sprinter chassis. As I recall you drove from Canada to Michigan and beyond in a coach with the Ford chassis and discussed its advantages over the Mercedes.
  • This is the exact unit that would work best for us. Thanks for the tip about purchasing in New Mexico.
  • Missed you guys in Perry
  • I want one. Since you bought yours, maybe Leisure Travel Vans will loan me one and make me their official ambassador. Any advice, Mike? Please call Dean to recommend me.
  • Thanks for the quick write up. I look forward to meeting you all in Phoenix for the Super B event. Will you have an “open house” there?
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