I’d start by removing those window A/C units.


Tires are so important … if it’s been sitting or not , check the age on them. We just upgraded ours because the manufacturers don’t always put on quality tires. Nothing worse than a blow out on the road.


Make sure EVERYTHING is secured down!!! We’ve only been full-timing for a year, but “stuff” has a way of bouncing around if not secured somehow. Check your cabinets with kitchen items as you might need telescoping bars to keep them from moving. Check the fridge for the same things. It can be painful opening a cabinet after a move only to have things fall on you when you open a door. Yes, check the path for bringing in the slides are free of obstacles that might get crushed when they move in and out, especially kids, pets and power poles! Empty black and gray tanks, partially fill fresh water tank. Check tires, outside bins are secured, all utility hoses are clear and stowed, put away leveling gear and check site for dropped gear after you pull out and don’t leave trash!! Good luck and I recommend YouTube and books on the lifestyle for help getting to know about your rig specifically and the lifestyle in general. I’m probably forgetting something but hopefully others can fill in better Information.



Tires and bearings for sure. You can back up to it without hitching it and plug it into your 7pin and see if lights and jacks work


Looks as if it’s been setting for a bit. Wheel bearings probably should be done, tire condition (dry rot, pressure etc), brakes, lights. That’s the mechanicals, obviously you’re aware of the obvious stuff.


Nice! Holiday Rambler are regarded by many as the best built trailers ever made. Solid bones and quality construction. Take good care of her!

Like any RV, your biggest enemy is water. Climb up on the roof and carefully inspect every seal. Be prepared to replace some caulking.

Check the exterior slide seals, as well. If that rig has been parked level then the roof of the slides should be angled down enough to shed water properly (look for dirt stains that would indicate if water was pooling on the roof of any slide), but once the slides are closed you’ll want good seals to ensure no water comes in around the slides.

Rule of thumb: What can move in transit, will move in transit, and it will break the most expensive thing in it’s path. Make sure everything is stowed and secured before you hit the road.

While you’re thinking about it, make a checklist of things that have to be inspected before you hit the road. Shore power cord disconnected and stowed? Check! Sewer dump hose secured and stowed, dump pipe capped, and all dump gate valves closed? Check! Whenever you think of something else then add it to your checklist. Print it out and put it in a plastic sleeve, and go through it religiously every time before moving your rig. Having and following a “pre-flight” checklist has saved my ass several times when I had to climb out of bed, groggy and coffee starved, and quickly move my rig.


Get hooked up, then do a walk around to check that everything is closed, in place, strapped down. And look up. That TV aerial will get forgotten a lot. Check that the lights work, look at the tires, are the chocks out, are there any missing bolts.
Why do I do this? Because everything I look at has a story. The awning pulling out in sever wind, the aerial not being down, dust from a window being open a crack, lights not working one time, tires exploding. Full timers all have stories about how great it is and the little things that become a habit because of an issue on the road.

Source: She’s not the prettiest but she’s all mine! Now we need to move it. I’m worried about properly and safely getting it ready to move. Tires, slides, idk whatever else needs to be checked. Can you guys throw me some tips on how to get her ready for the road?!

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