RV Wanderlust Moochdocking Wall of Gratitude

We’ve been living in our 25-foot Winnebago View for just over five weeks now. Of those five weeks, we’ve “moochdocked” for more than three weeks.

If you’re not familiar with the term, moochdocking refers to RV camping on the private property of friends and family. While some properties have hookups of some kind, we arrive ready to dry camp. A place to park is enough for us!

Some people take offense at the name moochdocking, like it has a negative connotation. For us, it’s a fun word that’s been around longer than we’ve been RVing. We good-naturedly promote its usage.

But let’s be real. Getting to stay with loved ones at no cost is a huge blessing. It gives us a chance to spend one-on-one time with people we care about, or get to know acquaintances in a deeper way.

Whenever we have the privilege of moochdocking, we’re never able to communicate our gratitude like we wish we could. This “moochdocking wall of gratitude” is a small way for us to recognize the people who have given us safe haven, going above and beyond what we expect.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!


Barb and Chip, Texas

Moochdocking RV Wanderlust Central Texas

Troy, Texas

Moochdocking Round Rock Texas

Cherry, Texas

Moochdocking Corpus Christi TX


Suzann, South Dakota

Moochdocking Black Hills National Forest

Steve, Washington

Moochdocking Seattle WA

Woody and Heather, Utah

RV Moochdocking Near Zion National Park

We’ll be keeping this wall of gratitude updated.

If you’re interested in hosting us during our upcoming travels, please let us know by sending a contact form. When you write, include your address, email, phone number, and any notes about AT&T/Verizon coverage. We’d love to spend time with you!


Source: RV Wanderlust’s Moochdocking Wall of Gratitude

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