That was a new to RV learning experience. Amazing how many mistakes you make at the beginning. 3 years later and I look back and think what an idiot I was.


I thought that most people were using Costco toilet paper. That is what we are using and are not having issues. I am however pretty thorough when I dump and clean my black.


Never used RV toilet paper, never had a problem.

If the TP breaks down when you drop a sheet into a glass of water, it’ll be OK to use in your RV.


This is a repeated and hilarious discussion.

Cold day in hell before I put my used tp in a garbage can.

A 10mi drive with some water in the tank will break up any mounds. If it’s frozen, well that’s harder, but has nothing to do with tp.

It’s amazing how complicated people choose to make things.


Never used anything but Costco TP and never had a problem.


We use the cheap version of Scott’s 1000 rolls. Never had an issue in any of our bathrooms


Install a Bidet and TP is a worry of the past.


What is this post? I’ve used several different brands in several different RVs full time over the last four years. Never had an issue.

Source: Rv toilet paper

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