Hey yall, with winter here (my first as a full timer) it was getting Chilly and i'm ballin on a budget. RV skirts are a total scam for some heavy duty poly cut to fit?

So i went back and forth between various things. Ultimately I installed 1″ foam board under my RV and glued pvc board to it to protect it whilebtowing. That wasnt enough to block the chill so I ordered a 30″x6″ tarp, cut it down the middle and wrapped it around the base of my RV. I added D rings to ziptie to the RV. I do need to go through and caulk the D rings but that's a project for another day.


Looks good.

Cheap, simple, effective.


looks like it’ll do the job… maybe toss a space heater under there on the lowest setting for the really cold days to help prevent freeze… also, get a heated hose if you don’t already have that in your arsenal


That’s great, until the wind blows. If you don’t have the bottom weighed down somehow get yourself some PVC pipes cut to size, fill them with sand and form a frame around the base.


A few questions. Aren’t there still gaps between the tarp and RV? Can you zoom in on the d ring set up. Great idea btw


Looks great. What’s the coldest temp you might deal with?


What year is your Flagstaff trailer? I had a 2003 that had the same profile and exterior look as yours, two doors and all. Seven years of summer vacations. Take care.


Do you drive with it like that?

Source: RV skirt Idea

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