So our rv shower won’t drain. Or it will but it takes I mean all day for it to drain. We’ve opened the grey tank, used a plunger, we’ve done the baking soda and white vinegar. When we walk on a certain area in our rv water start to come out of the drain. I just don’t know what else we can do I’m a first time Rv owner so please I need all the help I can get


You need to get a drain snake….You probably just got a hair clog. Just go to Home Dept/Lowes/etc and buy one for $2.


Open the grey tank valve and let it drain as much as you can. Then, remove the cover on the shower drain and take a water hose from the outside and and spray the high pressure from a garden nozzle. That’s what we did about every 6 months in our Class A. Otherwise, it would start to drain really slowly like yours.


We used that as well it just key stopping it wouldn’t go any deeper


How long have you owned this rv? Are you certain that you drained the grey tank? Is there more than 1 grey tank? Did you try draining the black tank also to see if it goes down?


You said it drains better if you walk in a certain place. Is the camper level?


No water comes up


GOOD NEWS IT DRAINED!!!! We closed to grey tank again opened the black and then the grey tank once again and it drained not sure how this shit works but it worked

Source: Rv Shower Won’t Drain

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