On our first story, we’ll explain to you what over 70% of all RVs share in common, and the answer may surprise you enough that you may want to consider making some changes to your RV. MORE.

Amazing Winter RV Experience-Quartzsite

With winter knocking on the door, you may want to consider joining about a million other RVers flocking to Quartzsite, Arizona, for the winter. There’s lots to see and do there between January and early April!  MORE.

Arizona Border Collies on Paws on Board

We have an unusual Paws On Board segment this week, as we head to the Arizona desert and catch up with gals from the Arizona Border Collie Rescue, along with a few of the thousands of dogs they have rescued over the years.


Finally, as Easy Way to Measure your Weight Distribution System

I’m Mark Polk with RV Education 101. The good folks at Equalizer Hitch asked me if wanted to review and test their OnTarget Towing Tool. The primary function of the tool is to make measuring your weight distribution fast and easy. MORE

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Source: RV Locks | Quartzsite, AZ | Border Collie Story | Weight Distribution Measuring on Show 2022-22

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