So I'm trying to work up a monthly/yearly budget of expenses for the RV I might be possibly getting. It'll be a class C or A depending on what I can find used (and paid in cash so no payment) I can not afford a TT AND a tow truck. It'll be mostly stationary except for weekly/biweekly drives to the dump station (I'll be connected to water and electricity but not sewer), and maybe the occasional trip to the beach.

I'm just wanting to know what my monthly budget for routine maintenance and other things will be. Not worrying about emergency stuff for this yet, but I'll have money saved for those, this is strictly for a monthly budget. What am I forgetting?

A note on some things… the electricity might be less. This is going on my average for what I spend in my 1200 sq ft home. But many of the other charges I've already calculated for my area. I just want to know what other monthly/yearly expenditures I might be missing. Also, for TV, I have an antenna and password share with family in streaming apps, so that's why that's not included.


You’re short about $5000 over the first 3 months for all the shit you didn’t think of that you end up needing.


You should probably add a budget line item for parts and repairs for the RV which would be monthly breakdown of annual expenses you expect. If you’re handy you can probably have less of a budget but if you’re going to be hiring people if you have problems and you are not a seasoned RVer you might be spending a lot if someone comes out to help you figure out why your AC isn’t running and making a weird noise etc… especially if you’re buying an RV that will be cheaper than an equivalent used truck and TT


Technically your Internet could be cheaper at like $50 for T mobile or Verizon home internet. It’s unlimited and we used it while traveling everywhere. I know you put damp rid on that, but in all honesty I would just pay a couple hundred bucks upfront for a dehumidifier. It makes such a huge difference. Would also say wherever you buy the dehumidifier get a warranty plane with it and set it up a few hours after getting home without it running for the oil to settle

Also I would budget at least $50 for various maintenance. Randomly you will find a leak which you want good quality sealant for which at minimum is $20-$30.

A great investment would be one of the mini $100 temperature cameras. That way you can see any issues with leaks or problems early by checking at storms and at least monthly.

I’m sure more people will chime in, but on a budget sheet I would just be mindful of the future.


you can get Verizon home internet for $45 a month. comes with its own device and AP.

Insurance seems extremely low.


16$ oil changes! Not even close????


I only heat water using propane before showering, any residual hot water I use for washing clothes afterwards. I cook with power. This has given each tank 3-4 months of longevity.


FWIW we’ve always done fresh water tank treatment (sanitizing) with bleach (1/4 c per 15 gal) and we only do that once a year. (Full-timer)

What are you doing for laundry? If using laundromat that cost will need to be added.

Source: RV Budget… anything I’m missing?

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